Why We Do It

Ultimately we do everything we do because we love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to see Him known and worshipped where He isn’t. We believe that raising up a generation of Biblically literate, culturally astute, God-lovers is a significant part of accomplishing God’s mission of making Himself known.

The only way you can understand why we do what we do is to know our students and experience what is happening in their lives before they come to Eternity, while they’re here, and after they leave. That isn’t easy to do, but to give you a taste, spend some time on the following:

1. Read what some of our students are writing about their experience at Eternity.

2. Read about one graduate’s experience as a missionary in the Middle East.

3. Watch the stories below.

4. Read the testimonials at the bottom of the page.



“Even though I grew up in a Christian environment, studying the word of God intensely under the godly leadership and guidance of my professors has truly transformed my thinking and lifestyle. God used Eternity to absolutely transform the way I view Him, the Church, the Gospel, the Kingdom, and the Mission I am on. I loved living in apartments rather than dorms because it placed us in the midst of a community. The focus was always on action rather than knowledge. Through the mentorships and strong friendships that God provided I have fallen more in love with our King!”


“I have never come across another school that offers the same high level of education and matched it with such a strong relational aspect. All of my professors are equally concerned about the education and spiritual growth of their students—they actually care about us. Don’t be fooled by the size of the school. You won’t see a dorm or a huge campus at Eternity, but that’s one of the things I love about the school. The emphasis is not on the buildings, classrooms, or building a prestigious name. The emphasis is on learning and applying the Bible.”


“Every class at Eternity challenged my thinking and expanded my knowledge of the Old Testament, New Testament, and a variety of theological topics. But the most beneficial aspect was my Bible Study Methods class. Eternity has given me the tools to read God’s Word for myself and apply it to my life. If you want to be challenged to continually live and breathe the Gospel, then Eternity is the school for you. Be prepared to be blown away as you explore the truths of Scripture and how those truths affect every part of your life.”


“I know all of my professors personally and can watch them walk with the Lord. I can ask them anything. The classes at Eternity are hard—each semester we hit the ground running, and though I sometimes think I’ve reached my limit, I always make it through. We are encouraged to use the knowledge we gain to impact our communities. I also love that we’re pushed to serve the people around us through active involvement in our local churches. Eternity teaches us to learn directly from the Scriptures and apply that truth in whatever ministry opportunities God has given us.”


“If you want to fall in love with the Bible in its entirety, Eternity is perfect for you. Before I started at Eternity, the New Testament was the part of my Bible that had the most markings and crinkled pages. I always thought of it as the part with all the good stuff. After studying the whole of the Old Testament this past year, I have an incredible love for these books that were the beginning of it all. I see how it’s all inter-woven, and the intricacy of the connections between the two testaments. It’s truly amazing!”


“Being personally mentored by the professors at Eternity has been amazing. The knowledge that I have gained here goes beyond theological jargon. The professors model an experiential knowledge which they incorporate into every class. Eternity offers a comprehensive program that focuses on practical ministry. They teach you to engage your culture rather than being transformed by it.”