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Hear our founder, Francis Chan, reflect on starting Eternity ten years later and share his prayer for the future of the school in this short video.

We cannot fulfill our mission without your help. Thank you for your continued support.

Want to learn details about Eternity and the impact that the Lord has had through the ministry? Download an informational pamphlet here (it’s 2MB so it might take a minute).

How You Can Help

Thank you so much for considering how you might invest in Eternity. We have many ways for you to invest the funds that the Lord has entrusted to you. We take the stewardship of the funds that the Lord entrusts to us very seriously. If you’d like more information on how much it costs for us to educate students and where the funds are used, please see our Financial Transparency section.

We are excited about the vision that the Lord has given us for 2013-14. We are down the homestretch for accreditation, our online program is growing, and The Silo Project is reaching ordinary people everywhere with quality Bible education. Thank you for your investment in this vision! An investment in our annual fund or any one of the following projects will help us reach our total goal of $680,000 for 2013–2014.


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Remaining Amount: $124,431


Please browse the following sections and prayerfully ask where the Lord would have you invest:

   1. Make a Simple Donation

If you don’t want to over think it, this is the option for you. Simply make a donation to our general fund and we will prayerfully decide how to best use your investment to fulfill our mission.

What you can expect of us: If you make a donation, we will send you regular information on what God is doing through Eternity.

Make a Simple Donation


  2. Invest in the Annual Fund | Goal: $260,000

In order to produce the next generation of world changers, there are a lot of behind the scenes tasks that have to be accomplished. The Annual Fund supports these essential tasks to provide an environment to bring transformation in and through students. These tasks include strategic planning, office expenses, relationship building with local churches, library expenses, etc. If you get excited about behind the scenes support that will enable us to fulfill our mission and thereby enable students to fulfill the Great Commission, then invest in the Annual Fund.

What you can expect of us: If you become a part of the annual fund, we will give you regular updates on how your investment is supporting the mission of Eternity.

 Invest in the Annual Fund 

 3. Invest in Accreditation | Goal: $100,000

We are absolutely convinced that accreditation is essential to fulfilling our mission. You already know how important accreditation is (if you don’t, watch this short video). We have almost reached the finish line in our pursuit of initial accreditation, and we need your help to finish this final mile.


Invest in Accreditation

  4. The Silo Project: Bring Bible-Training to Non-Scholars | Goal: $40,000

Recently, we launched a resource called The Silo Project. This takes material from our college-level courses and presents them simply and attractively to normal people. Each course is inexpensive and entirely self-paced, which makes it flexible enough for every schedule and every learning style.

We have already launched a variety of Silo courses, and we are looking for investors to help us produced 16 additional courses in the coming year. We estimate that this will cost $40,000, though any degree of investment in this will help us accomplish our goal. We will only need funding for this project for a limited time, because we expect the course fees to sustain the ongoing expenses of maintenance and development in the long term.

 What you can expect of us: If you invest in developing more Silo courses, we will send you regular updates on how Silo is being developed and how many people are being impacted by it.

Invest in Silo 

  5. Invest in the Next Generation of World-Changers | Goal: $255,000

As we all work together to further God’s kingdom, we always need to be training up the next generation. The day will come when we will hand the baton to those who come behind us, and we need to insure that they’re trained and ready to run. The students graduating from Eternity Bible College are well-trained and stepping out with passion, and we believe that they are earnestly transforming many aspects of our world.

As we train this next generation, we ask you to consider investing in their lives. Our tuition is intentionally set low so that these world-changers can get to work without first having to unshackle themselves from the student debt they would incur at almost any Christian college. Please consider investing so that we can keep our tuition low. In order to do this, we need to raise $1,500 for each of our 170 students.

What you can expect of us: If you choose to invest in this next generation, we will send you regular information on what God is doing through Eternity and its graduates.

Invest in World-Changers

  6. Expand Online Education | Goal: $25,000

In our modern world, no one should be out of reach of quality life-transforming Bible education. Year by year we have been expanding our distance education course offerings, and through your investment we will be able to finish developing our online program and making our unique education available to an ever expanding group of people around the world.

What you can expect of us: If you invest in our Distance Education, we will send you regular updates on our progress in building out the 10 remaining courses, as well updates on enrollment and growth in our Distance Education program.

 Invest in Distance Education


Additional Support

In addition to those crucial projects, we have two additional areas where your support is vital:

  7. Invest in Scholarships | Goal: $40,000

At Eternity, we have a core value that a biblical education should be accessible to all who truly desire it. If you stop to think about it, that’s a pretty audacious goal.

One way we attempt to meet that goal is by keeping our tuition very inexpensive in comparison to other schools. However, to truly be accessible “to all who truly desire it” we can’t just compare Eternity with other schools. Instead we have to assess what people can afford.

We are able to set our tuition low enough so that most people can afford it because of the generous donations to our annual fund and our “invest in a student” fund. However this fund exists to go above and beyond that for people in unique situations who still cannot afford it.

This giving project will enable us to offer a $100 discount per credit for up to 10 credits each semester for up to 10 students. Your investment will provide scholarships to individual students, based on need. These students will be chosen specifically on the basis of their financial situation. You can be confident that your investment in this project will be going directly to students who desperately need it.

What you can expect of us: If you invest in this project, we will give you regular updates regarding how many scholarships are given each semester, profiles of some of the students who receive them, and their progress through Eternity and beyond.

 Invest in Scholarships

 8. Invest in Our Boise Extension Project| Initial Goal: $10,000 | Annual Goal: $110,000

Eternity Bible College is committed to serving local churches with transformational Biblical education. We are also committed to making this education accessible to people where they are. We have a long term vision of starting classes and even full campuses in other locations in order to fulfill that commitment.

A number of circumstances have brought to our attention the situation in Boise, Idaho. The Boise metropolitan area has over 600,000 people, 25% of whom are Christians, and yet there is no non-denominational theological college to train its leaders. In terms of theological education, Boise is ripe for the harvest! In order to serve the local churches in Boise, Eternity is planning to launch extension classes that we hope will grow into a full extension campus.

Eternity is sending one of its biblical studies professors, Dr. Preston Sprinkle, to serve as the director of the extension site. Dr. Sprinkle will be moving in May 2014 in order to establish a network base of churches in the area with a view to launch courses in Fall 2015 or Fall 2016.

In order to launch this project, we have two financial needs:

1) The financial goal for the Boise project is $110,000 per year for the first three years. This will cover Preston’s salary, moving expenses, initial operating costs, and a part-time intern who will serve as an assistant to the director.

2) The projects that are crucial to the operations of Eternity as a whole must be funded (this includes things like accreditation and the annual fund). These projects will be crucial to the success of the Boise project, and therefore must be established prior to launching courses. So, if you’re excited about the Boise project please consider giving to our other projects so we can launch Boise as soon as possible!

Please consider supporting this project on a recurring basis.

If you have any further questions about this project, please contact Dr. Sprinkle at

Invest in Our Boise Project

Boise Project Initial Goal ($10,000 by March 2014)

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Boise Project Annual Goal ($110,000)

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Remaining Amount: $44,958