Tuition & Fees

Expenses, Fees, & Tuition

Eternity is committed to helping students graduate without incurring college debt so they can pursue God’s calling on their lives without that debilitating burden. This means that we make every effort to keep fees as low as possible. Each year we set our tuition at 50% of the cost of offering our courses. This means that the student pays half, and committed donors pay the other half. For the 2015–2016 school year, our tuition is set at $212 per credit hour. We believe that this price enables most students to remain involved in local ministry, pay for other financial responsibilities, and to graduate without incurring college debt.

To put our tuition in perspective, consider the following:

  • The average ABHE school spends $21,864 per student per year¹.
  • Eternity spends about $7,200 per student per year—that means we are able to reduce over 65% of the cost simply by the efficiency of the way we operate. That includes things such as our simple campus, hard-working staff, and reasonable salaries.
  • We are budgeted to bring in contributions that amount to about $3,600 per student next year, which will cover 50% of the remaining cost.
  • A student enrolled part-time at Eternity taking 9 units would pay $3,816 per year for tuition.*
  • A student enrolled full-time at Eternity taking 16 units would pay $6,784 per year for tuition.*

*The average Eternity student takes 8.5 units per semester.

Example Budgets

These budgets are intended to be examples only. Each person/family’s schedule and income will vary greatly. We have free Financial Counseling and Time Management Counseling available to all current and prospective students of Eternity Bible College. If you would like more information about this service or would like to schedule an appointment with our financial counselor/time management counselor, please send an email to Ernesto Duke.

We believe that this plan will enable all of our students to graduate without debt, provided they are willing to work hard and live simply. Below the example budgets you will find fee and tuition tables.

Download example budget for Simi Valley Students – Minimum Wage

Download example budget for Simi Valley Students – $2 Above Min. Wage

Download example budget for Distance  – Minimum Wage

Download example budget for Distance  – $2 Above Minimum Wage



Early Application Fee $25
Application Fee $50
Late Registration Fee $50
Student Life Fee* (Simi Valley only) $100
Resource Fee* (Distance Ed only) $100
Technology Fee (One-time) $100
Unofficial Transcript $5
Official Transcript $7
Returned Check Fee $25
Replacement of Lost Student ID $10
Graduation Fee $80
*Student Life Fee (per semester) for Simi Valley students only; Resource Fee (per semester) for Distance Ed students only

Tuition and Books


Tuition (Per Credit Hour) $212
Books $200-$250*
Audit On Campus $100
*Semester Average

All registration and tuition costs must be paid before the first day of class (unless you have filed a payment plan contract with the Assistant Registrar). Checks should be made out to Eternity Bible College.


¹This amount comes from the ABHE 2010-11 Statistical Report on page 11 under the Finance Data section, B., 1.