So You Want to Be a…

We are often asked, “What can I do with a biblical studies degree?”

Our answer: anything!

Receiving an education in biblical studies will equip you with more than just a degree, it will equip you for life, no matter what you choose to do or where you choose to do it.

Another popular question we hear is: “Should I go into full-time ministry?”

The reality is, if you’re a follower of Christ, you are in full-time ministry. This is why Eternity can help you. You see, our curriculum is designed not only to train pastors, but also to equip every Christian to live on mission no matter their occupation.

So the real question is: “You are in full time ministry, are you doing it well?”

No matter what occupation you believe God is calling you to, Eternity will help you fulfill that calling as a ministry.


So You Want to Be a …

… School Teacher

Nearly four years after finishing biblical studies at Eternity (as well as English at a separate institution), I am now teaching Bible and English at a private Christian school. I’m about to finish my second year of teaching and not a single day goes by where I don’t reflect on the skills, principles, and benefits of Eternity. Many of my students (who are required to take Bible classes) are “puffed up” in knowledge, and I have the daily opportunity to help them harness their knowledge and yield it towards the purpose of God’s mission for all creation.

I also have the daily opportunity to teach basic truths about God’s character to international students from China who have never heard the name of Jesus before. Last, but not least, I have a job that financially allows me to be a husband to my wife and father to our daughter. I owe much to Eternity Bible College!

– Scott Leming – Biblical Studies and English Teacher at a Christian High School



… Entrepreneur

Eternity reconstructed how I viewed the world in light of God’s story. In particular, Eternity showed me that we all have to bring the Gospel to bear in our lives wherever the Lord has commissioned us. I asked the Lord to show me how and where I can bring the Gospel to bear. As I was throwing away my trash after class one day, I noticed all the plastic and cans that could be recycled. I felt that I could recycle and raise funds to help in the fight against Child Trafficking! I started a nonprofit called Can 4 Kids and we’ve been able to give over $15,000 against this injustice. Eternity has equipped me to see that no matter what situation I find myself in, God has put me in place to bear the Gospel.

– Lisa Johnson – Founder & Director of Can 4 Kids



… Artist

I initially enrolled at Eternity to become better equipped for overseas mission work. I knew that I had a passion for evangelism and a heart that found so much meaning and joy in relationships. What I didn’t know is that God would lead me down a different path entirely, one that would in many ways be more of a challenge for me: to stay in a suburb of Los Angeles and pursue art.

The often self-focused demands on an artist can make it easy to slowly and passively ignore the call to greater purpose, and instead turn inward. I am seeing now what Eternity did equip me with: a biblical worldview, and the tools to better understand how to read the book that daily restarts my constantly failing perspective on life.

– Jenn Sanchez – Owner and Operator of Jenn Sanchez Floral Design


… Art Curator

After graduating from Eternity I felt God calling me to the art community in Portland, Oregon. I fell in love with the culture. Portland is an amazing city, filled with artists, outdoorsy hipsters, and coffee fanatics … so I fit in quite well! My heart is to love this community of people and show them the beauty of Jesus Christ through how I live, talk, love, and work.

Coffee and art are my vehicles to reach this community for Jesus. Once, I handed a customer his cup of coffee, and as he reached out to take it, he said to me: “This cup of coffee is a platform for so many things.” That resonated with me. As a barista and an artist I get a unique glimpse into people’s lives and an opportunity to love them with the love of Jesus day in and day out.

Four years at Eternity Bible College equipped me with the tools to study Scripture in a way that has transformed how I see my ministry to people. I want to point others to the satisfying beauty of a life surrendered to Jesus!

– Alise Hay – Tasting Room Manager and Art Curator at Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters


… Pastor

Completing my biblical studies program from Eternity has been critical in my work as a pastor, but not only for the obvious reasons. Eternity handed me the whole Bible, beginning to end, and helped me understand what was happening in the pages. When I began preaching regularly, I didn’t teach from a theology textbook; I taught the Bible because I had studied it. That has made all the difference for our people here.

– Matthew Enns – Pastor of Oak Lake Berean Church, Oak Lake Manitoba Canada


… Church Planter

As a church planter, all of the frills of ministry are stripped away and you’re forced to rely on God’s calling, his equipping, and his word. Having a solid biblical foundation is absolutely essential for planting a church, but so is the community in which that foundation is fostered. The training I received at Eternity Bible College was invaluable for the journey my family and I are on right now. On top of that, not graduating with student loans has really freed us up to be more generous, more prepared and more responsive to God’s calling in our life.

– Bert Alcorn – Pastor, Elder, and Church Planter through Anthem Church

… What do you want to do?

Do you have another calling, career, or vocation in mind and want to find out more about how a biblical studies degree can help equip you, please contact us. We would love to help you think it through.