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Be trained for a life of ministry in any field—without going into debt!

Eternity Bible College offers a variety of degree programs that will equip you for a lifetime of faithful ministry. Whether you want to serve as a pastor or missionary or you want to be a faithful member of God’s kingdom in the midst of any career, Eternity will teach you to study the Bible effectively and apply its truth to your life and to the people and culture around you. God’s truth speaks to every area of human endeavor—there is not a single aspect of this world that does not need to be brought into submission to Jesus Christ.

In preparing its graduates for ministry, Eternity operates more like a boot camp than a country club. This means you get the training you need, and none of the frills you don’t. This also makes it possible for you to graduate without incurring debilitating college debt. Compared to other Christian colleges, Eternity could save you up to $100,000.

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Degree Programs – Find a program that fits you. Choose from a four years bachelor’s degree or a number of certificate programs that take anywhere between one semester and two years.

Tuition – Learn how much it costs to study at Eternity.

Stories from Eternity – Learn what led other students to study at Eternity and hear what they think about it.

Study Online – Pursue your ministry training without leaving the church, ministry, or responsibilities that God has entrusted to you. Learn more about Distance Education at Eternity.