Common Questions

How many students attend Eternity Bible College?
As of Spring 2014, we have 90 for-credit students on campus. We also have an additional 90 students studying through our distance education program.

What is the average class size?
An average class has around 25-35 students.  This fluctuates from class to class, of course, as some of our classes have as few as six students, and some have as many as 70.

Is Eternity Bible College accredited?
Yes. Please see our statement on accreditation.

Is Eternity Bible College a four-year college?
Yes. We offer a full four years of curriculum. As a part of this curriculum, each student will be required to take 18 specific units at a local college or university.

We also offer Certificate programs. For more information on these programs, click here.

Do you accept CLEP scores?
No, we do not accept CLEP scores.

Do you have financial aid available?
Yes and no. Right now, local churches and other donors underwrite 50% of our per-student costs. This allows us to provide a quality education at a price that is affordable to students. Because the overall cost for each student is already discounted, we do not currently offer additional financial aid. However, many students have gained additional financial assistance through their home churches. We highly encourage this type of partnership.

Does Eternity Bible College have housing?
Students are responsible for finding their own housing.  All of our students either live at home, rent a room, or live in an apartment.  Our student life department works hard to connect students with other students who need housing or roommates. Every semester that EBC has been in existence, housing has worked out perfectly down to the student.  On average, students pay between $400 to $600 a month for rent.

Will I be able to find a job in Simi Valley?
Though finding a job is rarely fun and requires a certain amount of diligence, there are plenty of jobs in and near Simi Valley.  We have a lot of coffee shops and retail stores that hire frequently.  In our experience, if a student genuinely wants to have a job, they will have no trouble finding one.

Am I required to attend Cornerstone Church?
No, you may attend any local church. In fact, we appreciate the diversity and breadth of involvement that results from our students involving themselves in different churches.

How can I arrange a personal tour?
You can contact our Director of Admissions to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are made between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. You can call 805.581.1233 to set up an appointment.

Questions About Distance Education
We are often asked questions that are specific to Distance Education. We have answered some of the most common questions regarding Distance Education below.

How do distance education classes work? 
The format is very similar to our on site classes. Students are responsible for reading assignments and answering questions given by the professor each week. However, instead of coming to class to discuss the homework, students are responsible to participate in online discussions with their professor and fellow classmates via discussion threads. Some classes also include occasional videos posted by professors that students need to watch.

What is the workload for distance education classes? 
If a student is enrolled in a three unit class, they can expect six to nine hours of homework a week. For a two unit class the workload will be between four and six hours a week.

How much time will I spend online? 
If your class is three units, you will be expected to spend three hours a week on the discussion threads for your class. If your class is two units, you will spend two hours a week on the discussion threads.

Do I have to be online at a specific time? 
No, you can go online at any time to reply to the discussion threads, but you will need to spend the appropriate amount of hours online per class.

Can I audit a distance education class?
Yes. For more details on auditing distance learning classes or to register for a class as an auditor, visit the auditors section of our website.

What is the average class size? 
An average online class consists of about 20 students.

Is Eternity Bible College accredited? 
Yes, please see our statement on accreditation.

What courses should I take at a community college or university that will transfer? 
For the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program, students must attain 18 units of specific courses to finish their program. For the complete course list, see our degree programs and download a curriculum chart.

Do you accept CLEP tests or AP scores? 
No, we do not accept either CLEP tests or AP scores for college credit.