Resources for Local Church Mentors

Eternity Bible college partners with local churches everywhere to train the next generation of Christian leaders. One important aspect of this partnership is local church mentors. Each of our students has a mentor in his or her local church.

The resources on this page are designed to assist our local church mentors in understanding their role as mentors. You will also find resources here that will give you tools to be more effective in mentoring students at Eternity Bible College. Please view and share the resources below as often as you like.



Mentor Forms

Please note that the Mentor/Student Covenant is no longer required.

Mentor Orientation

Part 1: What Is a Mentor?


Part 2: Partnering with the Local Church


 Part 3: The Logistics of Mentoring

Mentor Training

We would like to help you develop your skill and level of insight in mentoring. To that end, we have created a Silo Course called “Mentoring in the Church.” All of our Silo courses are designed to fit your budget (each course is only $25), schedule (each course is entirely self-paced), and learning style (each course consists of short, attractive videos and questions to help you process the material). This course on mentoring consists of 13 short video sessions designed to help you think through issues related to mentoring and give you tips on how to do it effectively.

If you are mentoring an Eternity student, contact Silo for an invitation to join our Eternity Mentors group. This reduces your cost to $20 and allows you to interact with other Eternity mentors online.

Try it out or sign up here.