Invest in Eternity


Invest in Eternity
Eternity Bible College exists for several reasons; one of them is to provide a quality, life-transforming education at a price that students are able to afford so they can graduate debt-free.  We are committed to this because we believe student debt is deadly.  How many dreams of serving God in various ways have been killed by student debt?  How many people do you know who wanted to serve God overseas but had to stay and pay of their debt first and never made it?

One of the main responsibilities of the church is to pass on what has been entrusted to us so that another generation can run their race faithfully and prepare another generation to follow them.  We, as the current generation of the church, are responsible to prepare a generation to run their race faithfully as we hand them the baton.  The problem with the high cost of Christian education is that we end up shackling a 40 lb. iron ball to their leg at the same time that we’re asking them to run their race.  That isn’t right, and we’re out to change it.

The total cost for a Bachelors degree from Eternity is currently less than $21,000 for an entire 4-year degree.  That is not per year, even though it would still be cheaper than many Christian colleges even if it were.  There are two main ways that we are able to offer this degree for this price.  First, we keep our costs down by being efficient at what we do.  We are no-frills.  This is more like a boot camp than a country club.  Our total expenditure per student is currently at $5,800.  The average for Bible Colleges our size (less than 200 full time equivalency) is $26,432 (according to data from the Association for Biblical Higher Education).  By that measure, we are incredibly efficient – cutting about 78% of the cost of an average school.

The other way we do this is by generous donors who believe in this same vision.  This is where I’d like to ask you for help.  We have a current need of $115,000 between now and August.  If you believe that the future generation of leaders in the church should not be shackled by a giant weight of student debt, would you consider investing in Eternity?  That may sound like a number that is too big for you to help, but it isn’t.  One of the greatest supports that Eternity receives is from regular donors who give $20, $50, or $100 per month on a regular basis.  If you feel like you can’t help, trust me, you can!

You can give a one-time or recurring gift using the field below.

On May 19, 2012 Eternity graduated 25 students.  Those students are serving in 19 different local churches.  They graduated paying less than $14,000 for their Bachelor’s degree.  They are involved in ministry.  They are pursuing God’s calling on their lives.  They are part of the future generation of leaders for the church.

Please consider investing in the almost 200 students that are currently enrolled at Eternity, living and serving here in Simi Valley, CA and around the country (and several other countries!) through our online program.


Donate Now
There are several ways you can donate to Eternity:

  • Cash / Check – Simply mail it or drop it off at the office (address at the bottom of the page).
  • Automatic Checks – Set this up through your bank to be sent each month. If you don’t know how, let us know and we can help you out.
  • Credit Card – Use the form below.
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All donations to EBC are tax-deductible.