What impact is Eternity having? Here’s a sample of the impact some of our students and alumni are having around the country and around the world.

Simi Valley, California


Luke Dailey, is currently working on his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Luke serves as the Youth Leader at Centerpoint Church in Simi Valley, CA, where he shepherds and disciples all the youth in the church.

Southern California

Kevin Pisano graduated in 2010 with his Associate of Biblical Studies. He serves as the pastor of South Valley Church in Santa Clarita, CA. The Lord used Eternity to transform him from a plumber to a pastor and he is now faithfully shepherding and discipling those God has entrusted to his care.

Lisa Johnson graduated in 2011 with her Bachelor of Biblical Studies. She is the founder of Can4Kids, a non-profit utilizing recycling to connect churches to their communities and to fund work to end the trafficking of children.

Josh Buck graduated in 2007 with his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Josh serves as the lead pastor at Antioch Church in Highland Park, CA. Josh is leading a team of people who have moved into a financially depressed neighborhood to plant a church and impact the community.

Our Region

Mark Snee graduated in 2008 with his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. He currently serves as a campus Pastor at The Well Community in Fresno, California.

Alise Hay graduated in 2012 with her Bachelor of Biblical Studies. She is now living in Portland, OR, working a day job so she can make art and connect with the art community to make disciples to God’s glory.

Justin Enerson graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Justin spent a year teaching aspiring members of the Skid Row homeless community to weld by building bike-drawn ambulances to send to remote African locations where low-cost, efficient transportation is needed. He now lives and works in Africa with Zambikes building and distributing these “Zambulances.”

The United States

Kris & Hannah Mannale graduated in 2013 and 2010 respectively, both with their Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Kris is the Campus Minister at Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch in Long Island, NY. He and his wife live in a home with several boys from neglected and abused backgrounds and Kris provides spiritual leadership to other members of the staff and other boys living at the ranch.

Lance Hancock completed his Bachelor of Biblical Studies, and is now pursuing seminary and ordination in Boise, Idaho.

Josh & Alli McArthur is currently working on his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Josh runs the 6:8 Ministries Thrift Store in Jacksonville, FL to fund the ongoing ministry to the people of Costa Rica through the other ministries of 6:8 Ministries. He and Alli plan to be international missionaries in the near future.

The World

The following graduates are serving around the world in variety of contexts. Because some of their settings are inherently hostile to missionary service, we are not showing their photos, nor are we using their real names.

Thomas graduated in 2009 with his Bachelor of Biblical Studies. After completing his degree at Eternity, Thomas attended Missionary Training and has now moved with his wife to a primarily Muslim country in Asia-Pacific. There they are part of a team that is bringing the gospel to a people group that has never heard the name of Jesus. They plan to stay there until a healthy, replicating church is planted among those people.

Jenna graduated in 2006 with her Associate of Biblical Studies. Jenna lives in the West Bank and is a part of a team that provides education and other services to those in need. The relationships she establishes allow her to display and talk about her faith to those that are difficult to reach.

Emily graduated in 2009 with her Certificate in Biblical Studies. Emily lives in the slums of a country in South-East Asia in order to bring the gospel to people in desperate and lonely conditions. Following in the steps of Jesus, she has sacrificed her comfort to bring the love and grace of God to a hard place.