Our one-year Certificate in Transformational Leadership 

will prepare you for a lifetime of gospel impact.



We spend years training for a career, what if we also spent time training for our God-given mission to make disciples?

If you’re a Christian, your primary vocation is not determined by your career. You are first and foremost a disciple-maker, a culture-shaper, and a kingdom-builder. This calling extends to our jobs, our educational goals, our families – every aspect of life has been transformed by the gospel.

This program is specially designed for those of you who don’t want to be full-time pastors or missionaries, but who still want the gospel to come first. 

It’s for the Christian doctors, baristas, artists, welders, and recent high school graduates who are ready to take up their primary calling to build up God’s kingdom in all aspects of life.

You can join us on campus in Simi Valley or Boise, or online from anywhere in the world. 

Make an impact for the Gospel 

wherever you go