Alumni Facts and Statistics

Eternity Bible College Alumni

Eternity Alumni are a courageous and pioneering group of people. All of them came to Eternity knowing that it was a young school on the forefront of revolutionary change in Christian higher education. They looked past many of the traditional things parents and prospective students want when pursuing a college degree within the current American academic system. They did not care about big fountains, buildings named after major donors, dorm rooms, cafeterias or athletic programs. They were searching for a way to study God’s Word and apply it while serving in a local church. They wanted to do those things without going into debt, so they could be free to serve in whatever way God is leading throughout the world. That is what they received. Now they are increasingly spread out around the U.S. and the world to plant churches, care for the poor, train young leaders, and start new ministries.


1The Project on Student Debt

 All information is current as of February 2014.