Facts and Figures | 2013


The Eternity Bible College student body is diverse in background and goals. We have students who move from all over the U.S. to enroll in programs of study at our Simi Valley Campus. We also have many online students who choose to remain where they are due to family and work commitments. We have students who are recently out of high school and students who are returning to pursue further education after many years in the workforce. Many Eternity students are preparing for international work. They are very involved with serving and volunteering in the local community, through local churches, as part of their preparation to work in cross-cultural situations from major metropolitan areas to remote rural villages.


2012-13 Enrollment

Simi Valley Campus

Status Students
Full-Time 49
Part-Time 165
Total 214
799 Total Credits


Distance Education

Status Students
Full-Time 11
Part-Time 112
Total 123
405 Total Credits

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Status Students
Total 68


Student Demographics

Fall 2012 Incoming Class

Gender Students
Female 14
Male 49

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New Students

Fall 2013 Freshmen

Entering First-Time Freshmen: 17

Full-Time Entering Freshmen: 11

New Admissions: 47% of our incoming students were not ranked, out of the 23 students that were ranked, 52% were in the upper third of their high school class; 82% were in the upper half of their high school class. Geographical Origins: 36% from California 64% are from 20 other states or countries. Denominational Origins: 45% are from non-denominational churches, 15% are from Evangelical Churches, 20% are from Baptist churches, 6% are from Missionary Churches, the remaining 14% are from different denominations. On Campus vs. Online Breakdown: There were 22 new students on campus in Fall of 2013 and 23 new students online.


Transfer Students

Entering Transfer Students: 26


Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff are a devoted and passionate group of men and women who have made many sacrifices to maintain and promote the school’s mission, values, goals and distinctives. They genuinely care for each other and the students they serve and teach. They develop lasting, meaningful friendships with each other and create a culture that values transparency, teamwork, and a family-like atmosphere. Many of the staff have been with the college since its beginning. The most recent additions are the Director of Distance Education, The Director of Church Relations, and The Director of Institutional Assessment.



Status Faculty
Full-Time 2
Adjunct 19


Faculty Education

Full-Time Faculty Degrees

Degree Faculty
M.Div. 2
Ph.D. 1


Adjunct Faculty Degrees

Degree Faculty
M.Div. 14
Th.M. 4
M.A. 8
Ph.D. 2, 2 in process



Full-Time: 9



Degrees Awarded (Spring 2012)

Bachelor (2 Year Transfers): 4

Bachelor (4 Year): 7

Certificates: 6

Associates: 2

Total Degrees Awarded: 19

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Graduation Rates

The graduation rates displayed here are based on the percentage of first-time, full-time, certificate and bachelor’s or equivalent degree-seeking freshmen who earn a certificate, bachelor’s or equivalent degree after originally enrolling and completing at Eternity. Undergraduates who begin as part-time or non degree-seeking students, or who transfer into the institution from elsewhere in higher education, are not included in the cohort. The rates are calculated allowing for graduation within 150% of the estimated time needed to graduate. That means, a student seeking a four-year degree would be allowed six years to complete, while a student in a two year program would be counted if they complete within three years.


Bachelor and Certificate Program Completers

Entering Year Graduating Year* Graduation Rates
2004 2010 67%
2005 2011 50%
2006 2012 60%
2007 2013 36%
 *Students may have graduated earlier, but no later, than this year.


Annual Financial Reports

2010-11 Budget

2012-13 Budget

2013-14 Budget


Learning Resources

Physical Books Inventory

Total Titles in Collection: 9,646 Total Volumes in Collection: 11,343 Full text Serials: 488+



Total Film / Video Materials and Sound Recordings: 32



Full Text Serials: 488+

All Information is current as of February 2014.