Student Blog

Some of your fellow students are blogging at our student blog. This is primarily aimed at prospective students who want to get a feel for what it’s like to live and learn at Eternity Bible College. But you’ll likely be interested and encouraged to read what your classmates are saying. Check out the student blog here.

Faculty Blog

Check in with our faculty blog from time to time to see what your professors are thinking through. Also, pass it on to your friends, parents, and pastors from back home. Click here to view the faculty blog.


Eternity Classifieds

We regularly post classified ads and opportunities to our Eternity Classifieds page (jobs, community needs, housing opportunities, opportunities to help the school, etc.). To join this group, visit our classifieds page on Facebook and send a request to join.


Social Media

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Writing Style Guide

Unless your professor indicates otherwise, every paper you submit in any of your courses must follow a specific set of guidelines. These guidelines are described in the Eternity Style Guide. Download the style guide here.


Semester Abroad in Ecuador

We offer a semester abroad opportunity in Quito, Ecuador. Students who take advantage of this program will be immersed in Ecuadorian culture as they take classes for college credit. The program is hosted by Youth World, and students will given an active role in Youth World’s multi-faceted ministry.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, watch the video below and download this informational packet.